What Is The Meaning And Definition Of SCEPTICAL (SKEPTICAL)?

What Is The Meaning And Definition Of SCEPTICAL (SKEPTICAL)?

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Slide 1: What is the meaning and definition of sceptical (skeptical).

Slide 2: SCEPTICAL.  The stress is on the first syllable, SKEP◦tih◦kul.
Note: the American spelling is with a ‘k’ instead of a ‘c’.

Definition: questioning, having doubts, unsure

The clipart shows a smiley face with a question mark beside it.

Slide 3: In the picture we see a lady at an exhibition holding a program in her hands. She seems to have doubts in her mind as to whether she will enjoy it.

SENTENCE EXAMPLE: She was told she would love the exhibition, but after reading the program she looked very sceptical.

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More examples of ‘sceptical (sceptical)’

When China announced it was shutting down Wuhan, the centre of the coronavirus outbreak, in a bid to prevent further spread of the disease, the world was stunned and experts sceptical.

Researchers on both sides of the debate are sceptical of this kind of software, however, citing concerns over the data used to train algorithms and the fact that the science is still debated.

As one of the activists who campaigned for Bangladesh to recognise the legal rights of rivers, Rokon welcomed the supreme court’s July ruling, but he is also sceptical that action will be taken.

But a group of exercise scientists at Auburn University in Alabama and other institutions felt skeptical of the focus of much past research, which often aimed to isolate a single, likely cause for running-related damage.

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