How to Remember VOCABULARY

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Learn How to Remember VOCABULARY

Learn English vocabulary and remember words fast by using mnemonics, memory aids that employ exaggerated images and stories and rhyming words.

The brain thinks in pictures and it remembers stories easily. By combining these features into an infographic, the word is embedded into your memory, making retention and recall much easier.

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Definition: A device, such as a formula or rhyme, used as an aid in remembering.

When applying mnemonics to learning English, a comical story or crazy picture with a word association can make a deep impression on the memory, making recall much easier.

Here is an example . . .

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This infographic teaches the word FRAGILE.

A pronunciation guide is provided showing which syllable to stress.

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Next, read the DEFINITION

Then read the STORY and look at the IMAGE

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Finally, read the EXAMPLE sentence and look at the associated IMAGE.

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Repeat reading the infographic once or twice and the word will be engraved on your memory!

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How to Remember VOCABULARY:

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More definitions of Mnemonic:

a system such as a pattern of letters, ideas, or associations which assists in remembering something

a device, such as a formula or rhyme, used as an aid in remembering

aiding or meant to aid one’s memory

(Education) of or relating to memory or mnemonics

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