The Meaning and Definition of SILLY MONEY

The Meaning and Definition of SILLY MONEY

SILLY MONEY is a relatively new expression in the English language. This video explains the meaning and definition of silly money through 3 illustrated sentence examples, how to use this phrase naturally in informal British English.

Although it is an informal expression, SILLY MONEY and its definition and meaning now appear in the Oxford English

Dictionary. Here is a transcript of the video: The Meaning and Definition of SILLY MONEY

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What is a SILLY MONEY?

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SILLY MONEY is British English (informal) for a ridiculously large amount of money.

It can also mean a small amount of money but this use is not common.

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If you want to rent an apartment in Central London such as this area in Mayfair, you must expect to pay silly money.

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A British Columbia resident paid silly money ($2.3 million) for John Lennon’s Rolls Royce back in 1985 and then donated it to the Royal British Columbia Museum.

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In 1977, after Bill Gates was photographed by the New Mexico police for a traffic violation, who could have known that he would go on to make silly money selling a computer operating system.

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In Summary

If you want to refer to a ridiculously large sum of money, why not use the term SILLY MONEY.

It’s now in the Oxford English Dictionary!

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