Learn How to Pronounce HYPERBOLE Correctly!

Learn how to pronounce hyperbole correctly by understanding the syllables

The word hyperbole is a noun made up of 4 syllables.

Stress the 2nd syllable – hi◦PER◦buh◦lee

In the picture we see a woman sending a text message.

The sentence reads: Using hyperbole she texted her friend: “Sorry I can’t come today. I’ve got a million things to do.”

Examples of hyperbole from news items:

“It’s about being patriotic. It’s about saving lives for real. This is not hyperbole,” Mr. Biden said, adding, “There is nothing macho about not wearing a mask.”
Source: The New York Times

Outside the convention center where votes were being counted, demonstrators danced in the streets, waving signs that read “Count Every Vote” and “The Whole World Is Watching”—and the latter was not hyperbole.
Source: Slate

It seems hardly hyperbole to say that this weekend in Washington includes almost every sort of celestial, cultural and political observance and observation.
Source: The Washington Post

For some, the characterization of mass incarceration as a “racial caste system” may seem like a gross exaggeration, if not hyperbole.
Source: The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness Paperback – January 7, 2020 by Michelle Alexander (Author)

When she founded the unconventional blood-testing company Theranos in 2003, I was relieved to see a woman finally benefit from the hyperbole that dominates venture investing, a world I worked in for nine years, total.
Source: New York Times

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