Learn How to Pronounce FOLIAGE Correctly!

Learn how to pronounce foliage correctly by understanding the syllables

The word foliage is made up of 3 syllables.

When you say foliage, stress the 1st syllable.

Here is a sentence example:

In the picture we see a close-up photograph of orange and yellow leaves.

The sentence reads: The autumn colours of the foliage in upstate New York are absolutely beautiful!

Notice how foliage was pronounced with stress on the 1st syllable.

Examples of foliage from news items:

The sacrifice is worth it, though, not only for the beauty of the trees, with fine-textured foliage and peeling red trunks, but also for the spectacular autumn color.
Source: The Washington Post

Novelists and poets show off their bright plumage and emit their unique trills and warbles while scholars and journalists peer through the foliage, identifying the specimens and sorting them into categories.
Source: New York Times

It stated that soldier who was positioned in a tree “was unable to adopt a stable firing position and his direct line of sight was partially obscured by foliage”.
Source: BBC

Its pale light filtered through the waving foliage to create the beautiful but strange effect of a shimmering, swaying carpet on the woodland floor.
Source: Redwall

Now practice pronouncing foliage correctly.

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