The Definition of ARDUOUS – ARDUOUS in a Sentence

The Definition of ARDUOUS – ARDUOUS in a Sentence

The video provides the meaning and definition of the word ‘arduous’. A pronunciation guide is given, then a piece of clipart to encapsulate the main idea. This is followed by an illustrated sentence example so you can get a feel for the word by seeing ARDUOUS in a sentence..

You will find the picture and sentence example a useful tool in helping to memorize the meaning and definition of arduous. Now all that remains is for you to start using it in your everyday vocabulary when you describe a job or a journey that is tiring and difficult.

Slide 1: What Is the Definition of ARDUOUS?

Slide 2: AR◦joo◦us – stress the 1st syllable

something difficult which requires much effort

The clipart shows a person pushing a heavy ball up a hill.

Slide 3: In the picture we see two workmen standing in mud.

Sentence example: Cleaning up after the flood was an arduous process.

In other words, the work of cleaning up after the flood was a very tiring, laborious, difficult job.

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Slide 5: Empower your vocabulary with these 25 words:

  • affable
  • aggressive
  • arduous
  • bent
  • biased
  • conventional
  • delinquent
  • detrimental
  • erroneous
  • expendable
  • extraordinary
  • fragile
  • gracious
  • gradual
  • hospitable
  • impressive
  • impulsive
  • relevant
  • remiss
  • ridiculous
  • squalid
  • supercilious
  • suspicious
  • sympathetic
  • wooden

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More examples of the word ARDUOUS in a sentence:

Stitching a multifaceted patchwork of creative fields into a cohesive political force is an arduous task.

Alas, a good chunk of the film’s first half depicts Augustine and Iris’ arduous trek through the Arctic tundra, and it is not tense but sleep-inducing.

Months earlier, when I sat down with Whitman, CEO of Quibi, she and Katzenberg were doing what seems like a fairly arduous day of media briefings ahead of their keynote speech the next day.

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