The Meaning of FASHIONABLE – FASHIONABLE in a Sentence

The Meaning of FASHIONABLE – FASHIONABLE in a Sentence

By combining pictures with sentence examples, it will be easy to remember the definition and meaning of FASHIONABLE and how to use it naturally in various contexts.

This video provides 3 illustrated examples. Take a moment to look at the picture, then listen and read the sentence example. Then make sure you understand the sentence. Look up in a dictionary any other words you do not understand.

At the end of the video, common collocations are listed in which the word FASHIONABLE is often found. You will also find a list of common synonyms.

Here is a transcript of the video: “The Meaning of FASHIONABLE – FASHIONABLE in a Sentence”

Slide 2:
The word FASHIONABLE is an adjective
It’s pronounced:
1. conforming to current, popular style or trends
2. stylish

The clipart shows a young woman wearing trendy clothes.

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Let’s consider 3 illustrated sentence examples for the word FASHIONABLE. Then later in the video we will learn a number of synonyms, and finally a group of common collocations. This section will really help your English fluency.

Slide 4:
The picture shows singer Tina Turner in 1985.

Sentence example: During the 1980s, big hair became very fashionable.

Note: ‘Big hair’ is a hairstyle that emphasizes a large volume of hair around the head.

Slide 5:
In the picture we see a cafe on a street corner in Paris.

Sentence example: Although it was a working-class neighbourhood early in the 20th century, Saint-Germain-des-Prés has since become one of the most fashionable areas of Paris.

Slide 6:
The picture shows a woman wearing plain clothes.

Sentence example:The antonym of fashionable is frumpy, meaning old-fashioned, drab or unattractive.

The lady in the photograph describes this as her ‘frumpy phase’, a time in life when she was not concerned with fashion or being stylish.

Slide 7:
1. conforming to current, popular style or trends
2. stylish

Synonyms include:

Slide 8:
Common collocations include:

become fashionable
fashionable neighbourhood
she is so fashionable
fashionable clothing/hairstyle
less fashionable
made fashionable
fashionable colours

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