How To Master Definite and Indefinite Articles in 7 Days!

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What are definite | indefinite articles?
Why are definite | indefinite articles so confusing?
Why is fluency in using definite | indefinite articles so important?
How to master definite | indefinite articles quickly!

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How To Master Definite Indefinite Articles in 7 Days!


What are definite and indefinite articles?

The definite article ‘the’ and the indefinite articles ‘a’ and ‘an’ are adjectives that identify which noun (person, place or object) is being referred to.

The definite article ‘the’ refers to something specific, whereas the indefinite articles ‘a’ and ‘an’ refer to things in general, non-specific.

Why are definite vs indefinite articles so confusing?

On the positive side, English has only 3 articles – 1 definite (the) and 2 indefinite (a | an). Some languages have more.  Also, English is more of an analytic language. It relies on helper words like the definite | indefinite articles to show the relationship between words, more than using inflections, changing the form of a word to indicate its function in a sentence.

However, many English grammar books devote large sections to discussing definite and indefinite articles which make their use appear complex and confusing to English students.

Another reason articles appear confusing is that there are many exceptions. It seems that as soon as a rule is learned, 101 exceptions appear which seem to contradict the rule.

Additionally, the use of definite and indefinite articles is affected by whether a noun is countable or uncountable. Some words present a challenge as they may be countable in one context but uncountable in another.

Some students achieve an intermediate level of English and then conclude that achieving an advanced level will require much time and effort to master definite and indefinite articles. They may feel that as they can communicate reasonably well without mastery of the article system, the amount of time and energy to become proficient is out of proportion to the advantages.

Why fluency in using definite and indefinite articles is important

Native speakers use articles correctly without even having to think about it. They instinctively know what sounds right.

However, the ability to use definite and indefinite articles correctly can be a main indicator of a person’s proficiency in English. In academic or business circles, errors in using articles may be perceived as a lack of understanding of not only the language but also the subject or field of specialization.

Numerous studies have been conducted which show this is a continuous challenge for English students. Even those who have mastered most other aspects of the language, are prone to make mistakes with the articles.

If you want to set yourself apart therefore, and demonstrate that you have a high mastery of the English language, spend some time learning how to use or not use a | an | the. It will greatly contribute to your success in your chosen field of study or career.

Mastery of definite | indefinite articles adds to your credibility
Mastery of definite | indefinite articles adds to your credibility!
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How to master definite  and indefinite articles quickly!

Thankfully there is an easy solution. After teaching hundreds of students from many countries, I decided to develop a course which can be completed in just 7 days or even sooner which gives an English student almost complete mastery of definite and indefinite articles.

The course has simplified the English article system into just 3 basic rules. As mentioned above, there are many exceptions, and these have all been noted and listed in one lesson called “Special Cases”.

After repeating the 3 basic rules and considering the special cases, numerous illustrated examples are then provided. First the examples are examined and explained.

Two practice sessions use the correct | incorrect method of review. Sentences are given, and the student has to decide whether the use of the definite | indefinite article is correct in those sentences.

Further practice exercises are provided using the multiple choice method. Sentence examples are provided with blank spaces, and the student must decide whether to use a, an, the or no article.

Finally, there is a final review split into 4 parts, reviewing all the examples and practice sentences from the course.

After repeating these video lessons 2 or 3 times, a student can gain almost complete mastery of the English article system within a few days.

I invite you to try it for yourself and see a massive improvement in your English proficiency.

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How To Master Definite Indefinite Articles in 7 Days!

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