Who is David F. James?

dfj-f-thumbnailI was born in Plymouth, in the south west of England and later lived in London for many years. native-english-speaker I have been involved with teaching for over 40 years. English was my favorite subject at school and the one in which I achieved the highest results.

Some years ago I attended a training seminar in Toronto, Canada, where I studied accelerated learning methods for teaching English. Shortly after that, I started an online tuition service through Skype.

My credentials are as follows:

Advanced Certificate in T.E.S.O.L. from the Canadian Institute of English to teach advanced learning.

Bachelor of Education Degree specializing in teaching English to speakers of other languages.

Band 9 in IELTS (I took this exam to gain a better understanding of how to help students who are preparing for IELTS).

My personal library reflects a lifelong interest in the English language with numerous books on vocabulary, word structure, and etymology.

I have taught hundreds of students individually from all over the world, helping many to reach their goal of qualifying for a university, or emigrating to another country such as Canada or Australia.

A large majority have been professionals or business people who need English to expand their career or who would like to work for an international company.

Most of my students are already at an intermediate level when they start taking lessons. However, they do not feel CONFIDENT with their English. This has become my main focus, namely, helping students grow in confidence so they feel relaxed and at ease when speaking English. Check the Testimonials page and see what some of them have said: Testimonials

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Let’s get started!