Words With the Root or Prefix BIO

Words with the Root or Prefix BIO

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The word root and prefix bio means: LIFE or something related to living things

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Words that use BIO include:
• BIOgraphy
• BIOlogy
• symBIOtic
• BIOdegradable
• BIOchemist
• antiBIOtic
• BIOpsy

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Definition: an account of a person’s life, often written

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In the picture we see a man reading a book entitled “Nowhere Man”.
Sentence example: He was completely absorbed in reading “Nowhere Man”, a biographical account of John Lennon’s last years.
In other words, he was so interested in reading this book he was totally unaware of anything happening around him.

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Definition: the science of life, living organisms and vital processes

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The picture shows a young student in a laboratory at school.
Sentence example: Biology was her favourite subject at school.

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Definition: a close association between two different species that may or may not benefit each member

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In the picture we see a sheep with a bird sitting on its back.
Sentence example: Is the sheep even aware of its symbiotic partner?

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Definition: capable of decaying by the action of living organisms such as bacteria

Slide 11:
These drinking straws are biodegradable.

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Definition: a scientist who specializes in a study of the chemical substances occurring in living organisms

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The picture shows a scientist in a research laboratory.
Sentence example: He is a well-respected biochemist.

Slide 14:
Definition: a substance that can destroy or inhibit the growth of other microorganisms

Slide 15:
The picture shows a pile of antibiotic capsules.
Sentence example: There is a growing belief that some doctors prescribe antibiotics all too easily!

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Definition: the removal for diagnostic study of tissue, cells or fluids from a living body

Slide 17:
In the picture we see two doctors examining a patient.
Sentence example: She became anxious when the doctor said that she should have a biopsy.

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So remember, when you see the root or prefix BIO, try to relate the word to life, or living things

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