The Definition of SARCASM (SARCASTIC)

The Meaning and Definition of Sarcasm & Sarcastic

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The Definition and Meaning of SARCASTIC & SARCASM

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The definition of sarcasm is:
a sharp, cutting remark, often intended to hurt or mock
The origin of the word ‘sarcasm’ is interesting. It comes from a Greek word meaning ‘flesh’ or ‘piece of meat’ and involves the ‘tearing of flesh’ and literally means ‘to strip off the flesh’.
Here are some examples of the words sarcastic and sarcasm . . .

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The picture shows a woman with a disgusted look on her face. She obviously didn’t like the sarcastic comment someone just made and through her facial expression she indicates her disapproval. Perhaps she gives this reply . . .
Sentence example: You know what they say: “Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit”.
In other words, sarcasm is the worst kind of humour.

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The picture shows a poster which reads: “Sarcasm Now Served All Day”
Sentence example: After his last sarcastic remark, his colleagues put this poster on his desk!

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The picture shows a man screwing his face up as if in pain.
Sentence example: His wife’s sarcastic comment made him wince.

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In the picture we see a girl wearing a reindeer hat, which makes her look a little ridiculous. Before her friends have a chance to make a joke about it, she says:
Sentence example: “OK, OK, I don’t want any sarcastic comments!”

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In the picture we see an employee sitting in front of her laptop holding her head due to stress.
Sentence example: After another week of biting sarcasm from her boss, she decided to leave the job.

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You can understand why you need to be careful if and when you use sarcasm.
At worst, sarcasm can live up to its derivation – tearing flesh. Sarcastic comments can cut and really hurt.
At other times, mild sarcasm can make a humorous point and help someone see the need to change their speech or actions.
So, the meaning of sarcasm can include cutting remarks, witty comments, or mocking speech intended to hurt.

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Note these common collocations:
• sarcastic remark
• sarcastic comment
• biting sarcasm

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