What is a TAKEAWAY? (3 Meanings)

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What is a TAKEAWAY? The meaning can be different in British and American English. This video explains the common British meaning and also an additional meaning used in both British and American English.

Through illustrated sentence examples learn the answer to the question: What is a takeaway?

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The Meaning of TAKEAWAY – No. 1

Although the idea of a shop or restaurant selling ready-cooked food to be consumed away from the premises is an old idea, the word ‘takeaway’ used to describe this kind of food, came into common use around 1964 in the UK.

Around 1970 the word also began to be used for the actual shop or restaurant selling the food.

In American English, the term ‘takeout’ or ‘to go’ is commonly used.

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Now let’s look at some examples of words with the suffix LING

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The Curry Mile is a nickname for part of a road in Manchester, UK, famous for a large number of restaurants and takeaways specialising in cuisines from South Asia and the Middle East.

Note: It is thought to be the largest concentration of South Asian restaurants outside the Indian subcontinent.

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Her Mum was too tired to cook when she came home late from work, and decided to order a takeaway.

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The Meaning of TAKEAWAY – No. 2

TAKEAWAY is also used for a key point, idea, or lesson that needs to be remembered from a discussion, event, or meeting.

Note: Takeaway is one word when used as a noun, and two words, take away, when used as a phrasal verb.

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For many in the group, a main takeaway from the seminar was the crucial importance of setting short-term goals.

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So remember, TAKEAWAY can refer to:

1. ready-cooked food bought from a shop or restaurant to be consumed away from the premises

2. the shop or restaurant selling the food

3. a key point or idea to be remembered from an event or discussion

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