Learn How to Pronounce DEBRIS Correctly!

How to Pronounce DEBRIS

Learn how to pronounce debris correctly by understanding the syllables.

The word debris is a noun made up of 2 syllables.

Option 1: DAY-bree

Option 2: duh-BREE

In the following example, listen again to how DEBRIS is pronounced in a sentence.

In the picture we see shelves in a space in a wall.

The sentence reads: Debris lines a beach in Sulawesi, Indonesia.

That’s how to say DEBRIS, either with emphasis on the first syllable or the second.

Examples of debris from news items:

The Miami Herald reports that the project at the Eastern Dry Rocks reef includes planting more than 60,000 corals and employing professional dive shops and community groups to remove debris.
Source: The Washington Times

“Reboots are symptomatic of a fundamental lack of originality in Hollywood,” Yakko declares, “a creativity crisis fueled by terrified executives clinging to the past like rats to the debris of a sinking ship.”
Source: The New York Times

The US claims “China is the biggest producer and exporter of plastic products” and the largest contributor to marine plastic debris.
Source: BBC

The particles emitted by rocket launches and space debris reentries cause much larger changes in atmospheric chemistry, dynamics and radiation than rocket CO2 emissions.
Source: Scientific American

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