How to Pronounce STALWART (British & American English)


Learn how to pronounce STALWART correctly by understanding the syllables

The word STALWART is a verb made up of 2 syllables.

It can be used as an adjective and a noun.

In British English it is pronounced:
STAWL-wurt, with emphasis on the first syllable.

In American English it is pronounced:
STOLL-wurt, still with emphasis on the first syllable.

Definition: adj. loyal, hard-working, resolute, reliable n. a steadfast person, a strong supporter of an organization or cause

The clipart shows a sentry on duty, whatever the weather.

The picture shows an elderly couple sitting on metal railings in a park.

The sentence example reads: During his wife’s long illness, he proved to be a stalwart husband, constantly caring for her.
Now you know how to say STALWART, look for opportunities to use it in everyday conversation.

Examples of STALWART from news items:

The networks and streaming services are jammed with travel programming, including the stalwarts on the Travel Channel and National Geographic, available on Disney Plus.
Source: Washington Post

KABUL, Afghanistan — The Taliban announced a caretaker government on Tuesday, taking a major step in re-establishing their Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, and empowering many of the movement’s stalwarts from their regime in the 1990s.
Source: New York Times

Another competitor of Creado’s will be Gettr, a new social media platform run by former Trump campaign adviser Jason Miller which styles itself as a stalwart opponent of “cancel culture.”
Source: Washington Times

Three of China’s four leading vaccine candidates use an unfashionable stalwart: the whole inactivated virus, an approach that dates back to the first successful flu vaccine in the 1930s.
Source: Science Magazine

Instead, we must demand that tech’s most promising companies — no longer dorm room startups but, in fact, more valuable than many of the industry stalwarts that helm the Fortune 500 — be run the old-fashioned way.
Source: The Verge

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