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Learn to Speak English Fluently and Confidently!

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Hello, I’m David James, and I’m here to help you improve your English!

My channel will help you to make continuous improvement!

You will find you can learn English faster and more easily with the picture/sentence example method. You will continually add to your English vocabulary as you learn prefixes, suffixes, word roots and examine the fascinating origin of other words.

You will learn to speak English more fluently using the Synchronized Reading method and practicing the exercises.

The teacher is a native British speaker so you will learn British pronunciation, although with the Pronunciation Guide, American pronunciation is also explained.

To improve your English writing skills, be sure to go through the videos in the Punctuation Guide playlist. This is especially of interest to professionals and students who want to convey a professional image.

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Definition of fluency:
Able to speak and express oneself effortlessly and readily

Of course, not all native speakers are fluent. Many people hesitate as they put their thoughts together and try and find the right words. However, the challenge is even greater when English is not your first language. The key is constant practice, listening to English, expanding your vocabulary, and engaging in conversation as often as possible. The channel above will help you do all these things, apart from actual conversation practice. You can find free resources online and find a conversation buddy to practice with.

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