The Meaning of CONVENTIONAL – CONVENTIONAL in a Sentence

The Meaning of CONVENTIONAL – CONVENTIONAL in a Sentence

Slide 2: CONVENTIONAL: following accepted standards

The clipart shows a jacket, collar and tie, traditional formal dress for a man.

Slide 3:
The picture shows two teenage girls with punk style dress and grooming.

Sentence example: The surprising thing is that they come from conventional families.

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Slide 5: Empower your vocabulary with these 25 words:

  • affable
  • aggressive
  • arduous
  • bent
  • biased
  • conventional
  • delinquent
  • detrimental
  • erroneous
  • expendable
  • extraordinary
  • fragile
  • gracious
  • gradual
  • hospitable
  • impressive
  • impulsive
  • relevant
  • remiss
  • ridiculous
  • squalid
  • supercilious
  • suspicious
  • sympathetic
  • wooden

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More examples of the word CONVENTIONAL:

In scuba diving, the conventional wisdom is that men tend to use more air, partly because of body size.

Tom Wahlin, who traveled internationally for a year, shopped around before finding a policy through Aetna International that cost less than conventional health insurance.

I learned terms like escrow and equity and soon, I was able to differentiate between an FHA and conventional loan.

In an industry dominated by mass production of generally mediocre, inexpensive wines, they were bottling small quantities of extraordinary sherries that demonstrated how much of the conventional wisdom about sherry was wrong.
Source: New York Times

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