Learn How to Pronounce ZOOLOGY – ZOOLOGY in a Sentence

Learn How to Pronounce ZOOLOGY – ZOOLOGY in a Sentence

Learn how to pronounce zoology correctly by understanding the syllables.

ZOOLOGY – its a noun with 4 syllables.

When learning how to pronounce ZOOLOGY take note of these two options:

OPTION 1: Common usage

Emphasize the second syllable

OPTION 2: Usage experts

Still emphasize the second syllable.

In the picture we a young boy in Thailand holding a Loris.

The sentence reads: He has already decided he wants to go to university and study zoology when he gets older.

So when next you have an opportunity to talk about animals as a science, remember how to say ZOOLOGY correctly.

You can either use the common pronunciation with the first syllable pronounced ZOO, or you can follow the usage experts, and especially if you are considering a study of zoology, pronounce the first syllable ZOE, zoology.

Examples of zoology from news items:

He received a bachelor’s degree in zoology from the University of Maine in 1942 and a medical degree from Johns Hopkins University in 1945.
Source: Washington Post

The second-year zoology student and disability rep at the University of Hull previously described its lack of disabled access as “humiliating”.
Source: BBC

Aki likes her eggs really tender with runny zoologys, with pops of crunchy onion and celery, on soft bread.
Source: Salon

Ogaard’s background includes earning a zoology degree from the University of Washington and working as a park ranger at Seattle’s Discovery Park, and at a clinic that treated injured wildlife.
Source: Seattle Times

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