The Meaning of TERRA FIRMA – TERRA FIRMA in a Sentence

The Meaning of TERRA FIRMA – TERRA FIRMA in a Sentence

This video clearly explains the definition and meaning of TERRA FIRMA and shows TERRA FIRMA in a sentence. This Latin phrase simply means solid ground.

Through the use of 3 pictures and associated sentence examples, you will see how to use the phrase TERRA FIRMA accurately.

Take a moment to focus on the picture, then read the sentence example and listen also the native English speaker pronounce it. A strong association will form in your mind and you will easily remember the definition and meaning of TERRA FIRMA.

Now look for opportunities in your everyday language to use TERRA FIRMA correctly.

Here is a transcript of the video “What is the Meaning and Definition of TERRA FIRMA?”

Slide 2:
Terra firma is a Latin phrase that means ‘land’ (terra) and ‘solid’ or ‘firm’ (firma), hence dry land, solid ground, as distinct from the sea or air.

Slide 3:
The picture shows a passenger ferry.

Sentence example: After a rough crossing, passengers were glad to be back on terra firma.

Slide 4:
In the picture we see a space shuttle landing.

Sentence example: After travelling 4.5 million miles in just over 10 days, the Space Shuttle Atlantis returned to terra firma on April 19, 2002.

Slide 5:
The picture shows a sea lion puppy.

Sentence example: While sea lions are very agile in the water, they can move quite fast on terra firma also, using their flippers to ‘walk’.

Slide 6:
So remember, the meaning of the Latin phrase terra firma is quite easy to remember – it simply means: DRY LAND, SOLID GROUND

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