The Meaning of SYMPATHETIC – SYMPATHETIC in a Sentence

The Meaning of SYMPATHETIC – SYMPATHETIC in a Sentence

The video demonstrates the definition and meaning of SYMPATHETIC and shows SYMPATHETIC in a sentence to give a better understanding. The way to pronounce SYMPATHETIC is explained, dividing the word into syllables.

Also, a clipart image illustrates the main definition. This is followed by an illustrated sentence example.

The picture with a sentence example is a great way to memorize the meaning and definition of SYMPATHETIC. Now it’s time to start using this word in your everyday vocabulary.

Here is a transcript of the video: What is the Meaning and Definition of SYMPATHETIC?


Emphasize the third syllable, it’s pronounced sim◦pa◦THEH◦tik

Definition: expressing feeling and understanding

The clipart shows a person with their arms around another, providing comfort

Slide 3:
The picture shows a tiger in the jungle. In some areas, tigers are endangered.

Sentence example: The blogger hoped to get support from sympathetic members of the public.

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The full course includes another 4 illustrated sentence examples for the word ‘SYMPATHETIC’ plus these words . . .

Slide 5: Empower your vocabulary with these 25 words:

  • affable
  • aggressive
  • arduous
  • bent
  • biased
  • conventional
  • delinquent
  • detrimental
  • erroneous
  • expendable
  • extraordinary
  • fragile
  • gradual
  • gracious
  • hospitable
  • impressive
  • impulsive
  • relevant
  • remiss
  • ridiculous
  • squalid
  • supercilious
  • suspicious
  • sympathetic
  • wooden

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More examples to make the meaning of SYMPATHETIC clear:

I found myself feeling sympathetic toward almost all of the people in the unhappy tale of an emotionally charged incident at Smith College.
Source: New York Times

Officials in the Serbian capital Belgrade, eager to please Mr. Trump, whom they considered more sympathetic to their side than previous American presidents, also welcomed the idea.
Source: New York Times

Even so, it’s a good story, one that reveals the complicated history of the post-bellum South, a world that included brave freedmen, occasionally sympathetic white men and genuine commitment to law and order.
Source: New York Times

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