Learn How to Pronounce GENUINE – GENUINE in a Sentence

Learn How to Pronounce GENUINE – GENUINE in a Sentence

Learn how to pronounce genuine correctly by understanding the syllables and seeing GENUINE in a sentence.

Here is a transcript of the video: “How to Pronounce GENUINE”

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The word GENUINE is an adjective with 3 syllables – emphasize the first syllable.

Note: not JEN◦you◦ine

Here is a sentence example:

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In the picture we see a pair of leather shoes.

The sentence reads: Here is an advertisement for Horsebit Genuine Leather Moccasin Flat Shoes

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So when you next have an opportunity, remember to say GENUINE correctly.

Examples of GENUINE from news items:

Even so, it’s a good story, one that reveals the complicated history of the post-bellum South, a world that included brave freedmen, occasionally sympathetic white men and genuine commitment to law and order.
Source: New York Times

“Whoever this person is … thank you so much for your act of kindness and your sincere genuine caring thoughtfulness you just bestowed on our Guard and Grace staff,” he wrote.
Source: Fox News

Discussions about race should involve thoughtfulness and genuine regard for the social and economic mobility of disadvantaged minorities.
Source: Salon

“If average occupancy drops to 85% or even below, the whole of the infrastructure of social care in Wales would be under genuine threat without this vitally important support.”
Source: BBC

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