What’s the Difference Between an IDEA and an OPINION?


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Although the words IDEA and OPINION are similar in meaning, and sometimes they are even used interchangeably, there is a main difference. Learn how to use these words accurately in various contexts and improve your clarity when speaking or writing English.

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What’s the Difference Between an IDEA and an OPINION?

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The difference between IDEA and OPINION is easily seen when looking at the definitions:

IDEA:  a thought, a concept, a creation

OPINION: a viewpoint, a judgment, a belief

Although the two words are sometimes used as synonyms, look at these examples to understand the difference . . .

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IDEA: a thought, a concept, a creation

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The picture shows a woman’s fingernails coloured bright blue.

The sentence reads: Here are some blue nail ideas for beginners in the beauty industry.

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The picture shows a woman wearing a bright pink hat.

The sentence reads: “I have absolutely no idea who she is but I really like her hat!”

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The picture shows a student deep in thought.

The sentence reads: She tried hard to think of a fresh idea for her essay.

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OPINION: a viewpoint, a judgment, a belief

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The picture shows a young woman wearing a wedding dress.

The sentence reads: What’s your opinion about this tartan wedding dress?

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The picture shows a woman speaking with a lot of emotion to a reporter.

The sentence reads: She wasn’t slow in expressing her opinion.

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The picture shows a group of young people demonstrating.

The sentence reads: Opinion is divided as to whether cannabis should be legalized.

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Test Yourself!
Is it IDEA or OPINION in the following examples . . .

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The picture shows a red and black striped tie.

The sentence reads: He put on the tie and said: “Please, give me your honest __!”

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Answer: opinion

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The picture shows a business logo for a laundry in the shape of a coat hanger.

The sentence reads: That’s a clever __ for a business logo.

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Answer: idea

Slide 16:
The picture shows three people in an office having a discussion.

The sentence reads: She said: “As a team we desperately need new __!”

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Answer: ideas

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The picture shows a man and a woman having an argument in the street.

The sentence reads: There seems to be a difference of __.

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Answer: opinion

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Remember to use the word

IDEA if you are referring to a
thought, concept, or creation


OPINION when referring to a
viewpoint, judgment or belief

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