How to Pronounce ANTARCTIC

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Learn how to pronounce antarctic correctly by understanding the syllables and which one to stress.

The word antarctic is made up of 3 syllables.
The 2nd syllable has the stress so the word is pronounced: ant-ARK-tik

Note the word is pronounced ant-ARK-tik NOT ant-AR-tik

In the example we see penguins in the Antarctic
The sentence reads: Here we see Chinstrap Penguins weathering an Antarctic storm!

Examples of antarctic from news items:

Last year, scientists announced the discovery of the world’s deepest land canyon thousands of feet below an Antarctic glacier.
Source: Fox News

Tourism in the Antarctic began with a trickle in the 1950s, but the industry remained exclusive and expensive.
Source: The New York Times

Climate change is causing the Arctic and the Antarctic to warm faster than other parts of the planet.
Source: The Seattle Times

“The Antarctic peninsula … is among the fastest warming regions of the planet. We hear a lot about the Arctic, but this particular part of the Antarctic peninsula is warming very quickly.”
Source: Reuters

It’s an alarming possibility; Pine Island Glacier already accounts for more than a quarter of Antarctica’s contributions to sea-level rise over the last few decades.
Source: Scientific American

Shirase explains that she’s going to use the money to join an expedition to Antarctica, where her mother disappeared three years ago while leading the previous expedition.
Source: The Verge

More muddled data about life on Mars arrived in 1996, when scientists discovered what could have been microbial microfossils inside a Martian meteorite found in Antarctica.
Source: Scientific American

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