What is the Definition and Meaning of AD HOC?

What is the Meaning of AD HOC?

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The meaning of AD HOC comes from Latin and literally means “to this”.
It is used mainly in two ways to describe:
1. something that is setup or created for a specific purpose relating to an:
• organization
• committee
• commission

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In the picture we see a meeting at the United Nations.
Sentence Example: In 1996 the General Assembly of the United Nations established the Ad Hoc Committee with a mandate to suppress terrorist bombings.

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In the picture we see an image of Australian Rupert Murdoch, the famous media mogul who was CEO of News Corporation.
In 2011, media mogul Rupert Murdoch appeared before an ad hoc commission setup to investigate phone hacking and the culture, ethics and practices of the British press.

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The picture shows the front entrance of the Italian parliament.
Sentence Example: There are times when the Italian parliament has suffered from ad hoc coalitions which failed to provide long-term stability.

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AD HOC is also used to describe:
2. something that is made or done without planning due to an immediate need; something improvised

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In the picture we see a man pulling a cage of laundry through a very narrow alley.
Sentence Example: The laundry delivery seemed to be an ad hoc arrangement.

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The picture shows a party in progress with a group of young people dancing.
Sentence Example: Although the house party was ad hoc, everyone had a great time!

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Common collocations which include ad hoc are:

• on an ad hoc basis
• an ad hoc committee
• an ad hoc arrangement
• an ad hoc approach (to something)
• in an ad hoc kind of way
• in an ad hoc manner
• an ad hoc solution

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So the next time you read or hear the phrase AD HOC, look at the context and see whether it is referring to:
a committee or organization created for a specific purpose
something improvised, or quickly setup up because of an urgent need.
That’s the meaning of AD HOC!

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