Words With the Suffix AN

Words With the Suffix AN

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Words That End With -AN

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The suffix -AN means:
• relating to
• connected with
• belonging to
Spelling variations: -ian, -ean, -ane

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relating to a greenish-blue colour; one of the primary colours

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In the picture we see a university student wearing a colourful hood.
Sentence example: The hood she was wearing was more of a cyan colour.

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belonging to, or characteristic of humans

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The picture shows a young man pointing his finger as if he is accusing someone of something.
Sentence example: It seems to be human nature to blame someone else!

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connected with Europe or its peoples

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In the picture we see the European Parliament building located in Strasbourg.
Sentence example: How many seats are in the European parliament?

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refined, elegant, literally belonging to the city

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The picture shows a smart young woman with a busy city road behind her.
Sentence example: She was urbane and sophisticated!

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a native of Greece; pertaining to Greece or its people

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The picture shows Greek columns and architecture.
Sentence example: As part of the curriculum he has to study Grecian architecture.

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a specialist or expert in mathematics

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The picture shows a boy confused and surrounded by mathematical calculations.
Sentence example: He freely admits he was never cut out to be a mathematician.
In other words, he doesn’t try to hide the fact that mathematics is not his favourite subject.

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relating to a battle cry; or a brief phrase used in advertising for promotion

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The picture shows a young man sitting on an escalator, wearing a t-shirt that reads “I love myself that’s all that matters” on the back.
Sentence example: What made you wear a t-shirt with that slogan?

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So remember, suffixes
• -AN
• -IAN
• -EAN
• -ANE
all mean:
• relating to
• connected with
• belonging to

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