COLLOCATIONS in ENGLISH – Why Are They Important?

COLLOCATIONS in ENGLISH – Why Are They Important?

Learn 5 common collocations in this video –
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If there is one thing an English student can do to dramatically improve their fluency and confidence when speaking English, it is to focus on learning collocations.

Collocations are two or more words that naturally go together they way a native speaker uses them, will reduce hesitancy and corrections when speaking English. In other words, they are common expressions.

This video explains the importance of collocations and then encourages the viewer to follow the playlist which contains many videos, each with 10 illustrated examples of English collocations.

Here is a transcript of the video “COLLOCATIONS IN ENGLISH – Why Learn Them?”

Slide 2:
Would you like to dramatically improve your fluency when speaking English and sound more like a native speaker?
Then focus on collocations!

Slide 3:
What is a collocation?
A combination of words that appear together fairly frequently.

Slide 4:
Why are they important?
When you know many collocations you will be less hesitant when you speak English, your fluency will improve, and you will sound more natural, like a native speaker. You will begin using daily English expressions.

Slide 5:
Are there rules to learn?
No. English collocations come about through natural usage. Learn by repetition and concentrating on the sound of the word combination.

Slide 6:
The more you practice collocations, the more you will get a feeling for what sounds right, when you speak English.
Here’s an example . . .

Slide 7:
He did a decision to paint the wall green.

Slide 8:

Slide 9:
He made a decision to paint the wall green. Correct.

Slide 10:
So remember, for your English to sound natural, the verb “to make” naturally goes with the word “decision”.

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Because they are so important for improving fluency when speaking English, I have created a separate playlist on this channel.
I will be uploading groups of common phrases regularly with in-built review sections to help your memory.
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Now you know the importance of collocations, follow the videos in this playlist and make a major improvement to your fluency in English. Learn English collocations in use!

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