How to Pronounce FEBRUARY

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This video demonstrates how to pronounce FEBRUARY.

Learn how to pronounce FEBRUARY correctly by understanding the syllables.

The word February is made up of 4 syllables.

Stress the first syllable – FEB-roo-air-ee (British English)

FEB-yoo-air-ee (American English)

The pictures shows a newborn baby on February 29.

The sentence reads: Did you know that a baby born on February 29 may be called a ‘leaper’, ‘leapling’, or ‘leap-year baby’?

Examples of February from news items:

Facebook’s report, which lists 100 English-language news publishers ranked by the number of clicks they received from the social network in February, also provided a rare glimpse of where users typically get their news.
Source: The New York Times

Plans for a large media event in February for the album launch were ditched due to the coronavirus health scare.
Source: Reuters

Designers don’t just show their collections at these four big fashion weeks in February and September.
Source: The New York Times

LG first showed off the phone at the end of February, but only said at the time that the phone would be releasing in spring and that specific pricing and availability would be announced “soon.”
Source: The Verge

In February 2020, for example, Amazon reportedly shut down a team of dozens in the UK dedicated to analyzing drone footage to identify humans and animals, only to re-open the unit months later.
Source: The Verge

“This wasn’t a draft day thing. Started the conversation in February after the season ended and I just expressed my desire to be more involved in conversations that directly affected my job.”
Source: Fox News

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