Word Root GERM – Illustrated Sentence Examples

Word Root GERM – Illustrated Sentence Examples

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The word root GERM means: vital part, related.

It comes from the Latin germen meaning an offshoot, sprout or bud. It often has the sense of developing into something more mature.

GERM as a word can mean: 1) something that initiates development or serves as an origin
2) a pathogenic agent, a microorganism causing disease

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If there are words you don’t know in the sentence examples, be sure to check them in a dictionary so you fully comprehend and understand the sentence AND increase your English vocabulary!

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Definition: seed, living substance

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In the picture we see a young man reading a newspaper.

Sentence example: He found the germ of an idea from an old newspaper.

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Definition: an agent that destroys germs

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The picture shows a bottle of hand sanitizer.

Sentence example: After March 11, 2020 when the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic, sales of germicides and hand sanitizers skyrocketed!

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Definition: to grow and sprout

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In the picture we see coconuts sprouting.

Sentence example: The house owner was surprised when some old coconuts lying in the back garden started to germinate.

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Definition: closely allied, relevant to a subject under consideration

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The picture shows a moderator during a debate.

Sentence example: He was a strict moderator and would not allow any questions that were not germane to the debate.

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So when you see words with the root GERM, look for a connection with

  • a vital part
  • related
  • something budding
  • growing into something more mature

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