Words With the Suffix LING – Illustrated Sentence Examples

Words With the Suffix LING

The suffix LING is related to something small. This video provides 6 illustrated examples of words with the suffix LING. Each example comprises a picture and an associated sentence example.

Here is a transcript of the video “Words With the Suffix LING”

Slide 2:
The suffix LING means small, or very small.

It is often used as a gentle term of endearment or fondness.

The clipart shows a baby duck

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Now let’s look at some examples of words with the suffix LING

Slide 4:

Definition: a baby duck

Slide 5:
The picture shows a row of ducklings following their mother.

Sentence example: Ducklings quickly identify the first thing they see as their mother, called imprinting, and once they start following, they don’t stop!

Slide 6:

Definition: a young tree

Slide 7:
The picture shows a piece of art.

Sentence example: This painting entitled “Larch Sapling” (1908) by Franz Marc, is an example of post-impressionism, where emphasis was put on abstract qualities rather than a close imitation of real life.

Slide 8:

Definition: an affectionate term for a beloved person

Slide 9:
The picture shows a solder and his wife hugging.

Sentence example: In an emotional reunion, a marine hugs his darling wife after returning from active duty.

Note: In a military context, “tour of duty” refers to time spent in combat or in a hostile environment.

Slide 10:

Definition: a person lower in status or rank

Slide 11:
The picture shows a drill sergeant of the Scots Guards giving orders during an inspection of the guard.

Sentence example: Here a drill sergeant barks orders to his underlings.

Slide 12:

Definition: 1) a baby bird, 2) a person or organization that is inexperienced or underdeveloped

Slide 13:
The picture shows a little girl drawing on a board.

Sentence example: Here we see a fledgling artist hard at work!

Slide 14:

Definition: a person mainly concerned with the pleasures of the world or material things

Slide 15:
One picture shows a person stuffing a lot food into their mouth and the other picture shows a man concentrating as he studies.

Sentence example: “The worldling nourishes his body, but the wise man nourishes his mind.”

Quote: The Gospel of Buddha, Compiled from Ancient Records by Paul Carus

Slide 16:
So remember, the suffix LING generally refers to something small, or very small.

It is often but not always used as a gentle term of endearment or fondness.

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