How to Pronounce COMPARABLE

How to Pronounce COMPARABLE

Learn how to pronounce COMPARABLE correctly by understanding the syllables.

The word COMPARABLE is an adjective made up of 4 syllables.

In British English it is pronounced
COM◦per◦ah◦bul, with the emphasis on the 1st syllable.

In American English it is pronounced
com◦PEAR◦ah◦bul, with the emphasis on the 2nd syllable.

Definition: similar or equivalent, able to be compared with another

In the picture we see our solar system.

The sentence reads: When looking at the size of the planets in our Solar System, Earth is comparable in size to Venus.

Now you know how to say COMPARABLE, look for opportunities to use it in everyday conversation.

Examples of comparable from news items:

Grocery stores including Stop & Shop now pay $17 to $19 an hour for entry positions, which is comparable to what many clubs pay their lifeguards, while also offering steadier hours and no certification requirements.

“It is not true to say they were bystanders to the colonial enterprise, and it is certainly not accurate to imply they were victims of comparable standing to the colonized populations.”

The company also forecast positive single-digit comparable sales growth for the last two quarters of the year, while analysts were expecting a decline.

And Senate Republicans are sure to bring Biden’s high-flying hopes for annual nondefense appropriations back to Earth by insisting on spending increases for the Pentagon that are comparable to domestic agencies.

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