What is the Definition and Meaning of COMPERE (COMPÈRE)?

What is the Definition and Meaning of COMPERE (COMPÈRE)?

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First, some background information.

When English uses a word taken from French containing a diacritic, in this case an e with a grave accent è which gives an ‘eh’ sound, the English spelling usually retains the French diacritic.

Note: When pronouncing this word, stress the first syllable: COMpère.

Avoid confusing it with the word compare (stress on the 2nd syllable) which means
“to examine similarities or differences”.

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A definition of compère (noun) is:
a host, commentator, or presenter of an entertainment program on TV or radio, or an
M.C. (Master of Ceremonies) at a social event.

The word can also be used as a verb meaning:
to serve or act as a compère

It can refer to a male or female host.

It is mainly used in British English.

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In the picture we see a young woman in a red dress standing on a stage speaking into a microphone.

Sentence example: A compère in a red dress hosted this event in Bangkok.

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The picture shows a TV studio where an entertainer is being interviewed.

Sentence example: TV news anchor, radio presenter, compère and singer Jennifer Su talks about her music video on eTV Sistahood.

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In the picture we see a TV presenter appearing on a cooking program.

Sentence example: Compère Cyndi Edwards is presented with a meal from Culinary Specialist 1st Class John Talbott during Tampa Navy Week.

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The next example uses compère as a verb, to act as a host or compère.

The picture shows a radio presenter.

Sentence example: Sacramento Financial Advisor Keith Springer compères the Smart Money radio program on Talk650KSTE.

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So remember, compère can refer to a host, commentator, or presenter of an entertainment program or to act as a compère.

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