What is the Definition of AD LIB?


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AD LIB comes from the Latin ad libitum which means “at one’s pleasure” or free to do as you wish.

Definition and meaning of AD LIB:
to speak without advance preparation

It can also mean: according to one’s own wishes, or without limit, free.

The most common use in everyday English is
to describe speech that is not prepared, in other words, impromptu speech.

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Nationals Manager Manny Acta visits an elementary school and interrupts his reading with some ad lib comments.

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The Best Man’s speech at the wedding was a combination of a carefully prepared script with a number of amusing ad libs thrown in which kept the guests amused.

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When her colleague didn’t arrive on time, she was forced to ad lib through the presentation.

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U.S. President Ronald Reagan was known for his ad lib remarks which sometimes caused unexpected reactions. *

* See “We Begin Bombing In Five Minutes”

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The Meaning of AD LIB

The Latin phrase Ad Lib (an abbreviation of Ad Libitum)
is a very versatile expression. It can be used as

  • an adverb
  • an adjective
  • a noun
  • a verb

when referring to speech that is unprepared.

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