What Does SCRUTINIZE Mean?

What Does SCRUTINIZE Mean?

Get a deep understanding of what scrutinize means by examining the Latin roots.

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What is the Meaning and Definition of SCRUTINIZE?

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The definition of scrutinize is:

to examine closely, to carefully observe the smallest detail

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The basic Latin word scruta means trash, or rags.

So an underlying meaning of the word ‘scrutinize’ is ‘ragpicker’ connected with searching through rubbish to try to find something valuable.

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However, the broad, modern meaning is to search or examine.

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New cadets from a U.S. Naval Academy Class carefully scrutinize a rifle while practicing drill movements.

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As we approached the doorway we were scrutinized by the occupant!

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In this picture dated 1880-1889 from the Boston Public Library, workers scrutinize the sewer stone work.

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Here in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, two open heart surgeons scrutinize patient x-rays.

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Remember the word ‘scrutinize’ by thinking of RUBBISH.

The underlying idea was probably related to looking through trash or rubbish to find something valuable.

The modern use and definition of scrutinize means to examine closely, to carefully observe the smallest detail.

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