What is a ONE-OFF?

What is a ONE-OFF?

In this video we examine the expression ONE-OFF. It is a relatively new word in the English language and commonly used in everyday English conversation.

Your English will sound more natural, like a native speaker, if you learn the various ways you can use the term ONE-OFF.

In this video 4 sentence examples are provided with various contexts, along with illustrations as a memory aid.

Here is a transcript of the video, What is the Meaning and Definition of ONE-OFF?

Slide 2:
The meaning of one-off is:
something that happens only once, or that is done or made only once
It has been used in everyday English since the 1960s.

Slide 3:
The picture shows a mini car with a pink grill, pink wing mirrors, and pink eyelashes above the headlights.
Sentence example: This car is a one-off!

Slide 4:
The egg-laying, duck-billed, beaver-tailed, otter-footed platypus really is a one-off!

Slide 5:
Paul McCartney performs a tribute to fellow Beatle John Lennon during his one-off BBC Electric Proms concert in London.

Slide 6:
Instead of taking a percentage of the sale, some estate agents charge a one-off fee to sell your property.

Slide 7:
Notice how the meaning of one-off is applied to
• objects
• creatures
• concerts
• fees
or anything that happens just once, without being duplicated or repeated.

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