How to Pronounce VEHICLE

Learn How to Pronounce Vehicle Correctly by Understanding the Syllables

The word vehicle is made up of 3 syllables.

Stress the 1st syllable: VE-hi-cle (n.)

In the picture we see a soldier in a Willys Jeep from World War II.

The sentence reads: The Willys Jeep became the primary light military transport vehicle used by the United States and its allies during World War II.

Notice how to say VEHICLE with the stress on the 1st syllable.

Examples of vehicle from news items:

They were handcuffed for 45 minutes while officers searched the vehicle.
Source: The New York Times

The advent of the Falcon 9 and Crew Dragon represents a new era of commercially developed space vehicles – owned and operated by a private entity rather than Nasa – being used to carry Americans into orbit.
Source: The Guardian

And the massive balloons will no longer be flown by smiling, uniformed handlers, but instead, driven by utility vehicles to limit the number of people involved.
Source: The New York Times

For mass production in passenger vehicles, automakers and their major suppliers seek units that are sleek enough to fit into attractive car designs and cost well below $1,000.
Source: Reuters

A suicide bomber detonated his explosives Friday near a vehicle carrying Chinese workers in restive southwestern Pakistan, killing two Pakistani children playing by the road, the Interior Ministry and police said.
Source: Washington Post

The interior is lavishly appointed with leather, suede and knurled metal controls and features an illuminated “crystal sphere” on the center console that rotates to reveal the gear selector when the vehicle is started.
Source: Fox News

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