Learn to Pronounce FAUX PAS Correctly!

Learn how to pronounce faux pas correctly by understanding the syllables

Faux pas is a noun made up of 2 syllables.

Stress the 2nd syllable

fo PAH

Faux pas comes from French where it literally means ‘false step’.

In the picture we see a cup of coffee on a table in a cafe overlooking beautiful mountain and sea scenery.

The sentence example reads: Ordering a Cappuccino after 11 a.m. is considered a faux pas in Italian culture, where milk-based coffees are considered a part of breakfast.

Examples of faux pas from news items:

I’ve found myself spilling the date to various people and in one cringey faux pas told a friend the date and venue, as well as the fact that it’s an evening wedding.
Source: Slate

Sending money without any communication beforehand is a particularly egregious faux pas, but so is assuming familiarity with a person with whom you are not actually friends.
Source: The Washington Post

On Friday, yet another faux pas: Mr. Matthews confused the identities of two African-American politicians, Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina and Jaime R. Harrison, a Democrat running for Senate in that state.
Source: The New York Times

“I couldn’t believe with all my academic and sensitivity training I’d made such a faux pas.”
Source: BBC

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