The Meaning of GENUINE

What Does GENUINE Mean?

By combining pictures with sentence examples, it will be easy to remember the definition and meaning of GENUINE and how to use it naturally in various contexts.

This video provides 3 illustrated examples. Take a moment to look at the picture, then listen and read the sentence example. Then make sure you understand the sentence. Look up in a dictionary any other words you do not understand.

At the end of the video, common collocations are listed in which the word GENUINE is often found. You will also find a list of common synonyms.

Here is a transcript of the video: “The Meaning of GENUINE”

Slide 2:
The word GENUINE is an adjective
It’s pronounced: JEN◦yoo◦in, with stress on the 1st syllable.
Definition: authentic, actual, real, actually being something it is said to be

The clipart shows a stamp which says 100% Genuine

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Let’s consider 3 illustrated sentence examples for the word GENUINE. Then later in the video we will learn a number of synonyms, and finally a group of common collocations. This section will really help your English fluency.

Slide 4:
The picture shows a close-up view of the back of a leather sofa.

The sentence reads: There is nothing quite as comfortable as a genuine leather sofa.

Note the phrase “nothing quite as”. This phrase emphasizes how comfortable a leather sofa is by indicating nothing compare to the comfort of a leather sofa.

Slide 5:
In the picture we see 3 little girls, all standing together and smiling.

Sentence example: The three young friends had genuine affection for each other.

Here, genuine affection refers to a strong emotion of the heart. There was nothing false or ‘put on’. It was real.

Slide 6:
Next we see a candid photograph of famous Hollywood actor and producer, Tom Hanks.

The sentence reads: Tom Hanks has developed a reputation for being a genuine kind of person.

The phrase ‘genuine person’ or ‘genuine kind of person’ refers to a person who isn’t desperate for people to like them or desperate for attention. They just act naturally. They sometimes make unpopular decisions to keep true to their principles of honesty and moral conduct. They treat everyone with respect.

Slide 7:
GENUINE means: authentic, actual, real, actually being something it is said to be
Synonyms include:

Slide 8:
Common Collocations
genuine leather
genuine person
genuine affection
genuine smile
genuine reason
genuine concern
genuine mistake

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