What is the Meaning of VOILA?

Discover the Meaning of VOILA

This video explains the origin of the French word VOILÀ, so you get a clear understanding of the meaning and definition of VOILA.

The word VOILA is used for emphasis and while an English speaker would not want to use too many words from other languages, at times, a word such as VOILA can be very useful.

Look at the illustrated sentence examples in this video on the meaning and definition of VOILA and look for opportunities to use it in the near future.

Here is a transcript of the video . . .

Slide 2:
In French, the meaning of voila is simply:

See there!

When used in English it has the sense of:

  • calling attention to something
  • expressing satisfaction or approval
  • the sudden appearance of something
    as if by magic

Here are some examples to illustrate the meaning of Voila!

Slide 3:
Simply point, click and voila – you’ve captured the moment!

Slide 4:
Just mix vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice, and freshly squeezed lime juice and voila – you have a Cosmopolitan!

Slide 5:
Finally, put a slab of Feta cheese on top and voila! – there is your Greek salad!

Slide 6:
After a few minutes of mentoring, voila! We have a spinning plate.

Slide 7:
Remember, voilà can be used to add emphasis or make a presentation a little more memorable or dramatic.

So if you want to express satisfaction, or call attention to something why not use the word voila?

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