Learn How to Pronounce JEWELRY Correctly!

How to pronounce JEWELRY

The word jewelry is a noun.

The most common pronunciation is with 2 syllables.

Stress the 1st syllable.


The less common pronunciation and spelling is:

JEWELLERY with 3 syllables


In the example we see a photograph of the famous actress Elizabeth Taylor.

The sentence reads: Elizabeth Taylor was famous for wearing very expensive jewelry.

Examples of jewelry from news items:

“I’m not going to spend money like that anymore,” my millennial daughter told me recently, talking about past shopping sprees on handbags, jewelry, and yes, lattes.
Source: The Seattle Times

Legal experts expect that the new antiquities regulations will be similar to others governing the precious metal and jewelry industries, where certain transactions are flagged to the authorities, who then determine whether they are suspicious.
Source: New York Times

He redefined the field of commercial branding by licensing his name to products including toiletries, jewelry, luggage, candy, wine and wigs.
Source: The Washington Post

“No one was able to ever really return, so all the tokens remain,” running the gamut from modest acorns to precious jewelry, says Greig.
Source: The Los Angeles Times

Numerous recent discoveries around the nature of Neanderthal life present a compelling case that they behaved symbolically, wearing jewelry, making cave art and burying their dead.
Source: New York Times

Snap Inc is investing in augmented reality technology designed to help users virtually try on items like watches, jewelry and other apparel to cut down on returns, a major problem faced by online retailers.
Source: Reuters

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