The Meaning of AFFABLE – AFFABLE In a Sentence

The Meaning of AFFABLE – AFFABLE In a Sentence

This video gives an illustrated sentence example of the definition and meaning of  ‘affable’.
First there is a pronunciation guide followed by a piece of clipart to summarize the main idea behind ‘affable’.

Then focus on the picture and listen to the sentence example containing the word ‘arduous’. This will give you a good idea of the meaning and definition of arduous so you can include it in your active vocabulary and start using it today when an opportunity arises.

Here is a transcript of the video: “The Meaning of AFFABLE – AFFABLE In a Sentence”

Slide 1: What Is the Definition of AFFABLE?

Slide 2: AFF◦uh◦bull – stress the 1st syllable

showing warmth and friendliness; approachable, easy to speak to

The clipart shows a friendly workman.

Slide 3: In the picture we see a pet dog.

Sentence example: Her pet dog was such an affable creature.

In other words, her pet dog was very friendly and easy to approach.

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The full course includes another 4 illustrated sentence examples for the word AFFABLE plus these words . . .

Slide 5: Empower your vocabulary with these 25 words:

  • affable
  • aggressive
  • arduous
  • bent
  • biased
  • conventional
  • delinquent
  • detrimental
  • erroneous
  • expendable
  • extraordinary
  • fragile
  • gracious
  • gradual
  • hospitable
  • impressive
  • impulsive
  • relevant
  • remiss
  • ridiculous
  • squalid
  • supercilious
  • suspicious
  • sympathetic
  • wooden

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More examples of the word AFFABLE:An affable, eager bunch, naturally, one that looks good in cheery montages of lugging, sawing and hammering, and that gets over hiccups and disagreements.


This second installment in the series is a fantasy romance between Gemma, a war monk turned reluctant princess, and Quinn, an affable, annoying centaur helping her build alliances for her blacksmith sister’s claim to queenship..


Parker wants everyone to experience that affable nature of Southern hospitality, which is fitting, because the South is where he calls home.


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