DERRIERE – Definition and Sentence Examples

DERRIERE – Definition and Sentence Examples

English has adopted many words from other languages.

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The word DERRIERE (DERRIÈRE) comes from French and means “back part, rear”. This in turn comes from the Latin de “from” and retro “back”.

In English the word DERRIERE is a polite word for the part of the body a person sits on, otherwise called the ‘bottom’ or ‘backside’.

In American informal English, ‘butt’ is often used.

Before looking at some illustrated sentence examples, here is a quick reminder

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In the picture we see Kate Middleton’s sister Pippa, walking behind her, carrying her train.

Sentence example: At the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton in April 2011, much media attention centred on sister Pippa’s trim derriere.

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In the picture, the photographer has caught Dannii Minogue falling on the stairs.

Sentence example: Dannii Minogue, TV personality, designer, and younger sister of Kylie Minogue, unfortunately fell and landed on her derriere, during a photoshoot in London.

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In the picture we see a young woman about to sit down.

Sentence example: Instead of saying, “Please, sit anywhere”, her boss said: “Put your derriere anywhere you wish”.

Note: Although ‘derriere’ is a polite word, used in this way changes the tone. Some may regard this as a crude way to speak or at least, inappropriate.

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So remember, if you need to refer to the part of the body we sit on, you can use the word ‘bottom’.

However, if you want to be especially polite, use the word DERRIERE!

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