The Suffix OSIS, ESIS and ASIS – Sentence Examples

The Suffix OSIS, ESIS and ASIS – Sentence Examples

The suffix ASIS, ESIS or OSIS is very common in English. The video provides a clear definition and then 6 illustrated sentence examples so you clearly understand the meaning of suffix ion.

Here is a transcript of the video: “Words With the Suffix ASIS, ESIS or OSIS”

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The suffix ASIS, ESIS, or OSIS means

a course of ACTION

Note: the suffixes ASIS and OSIS are often used in medicine to describe a diseased condition

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Let’s now consider two examples of words with the suffix ASIS:

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Definition: special force, value, importance or prominence given to something

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The picture shows the word ADVERTISEMENT in British and American English.

Sentence example: In British English, emphasis is put on the 2nd syllable in adVERtisement, whereas American English emphasizes the 3rd syllable, adverTISEment.

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Definition: an inflammatory skin disease marked by red itchy patches and silvery scales (not contagious)

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In the picture we see a young woman with a skin problem on her legs.

Sentence example: Symptoms of psoriasis often start between the ages of 15 and 25, but they can appear at any age among men, women and children.

Let’s consider two examples of words with the suffix ESIS:

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Definition: the beginning or origin of something

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The picture shows a star forming in outer space.

Sentence example: This photograph, taken by the Hubble Space Telescope, records the genesis of a star.

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Definition: a statement or theory that is proposed, to be maintained or proved

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In the picture we see physicist Marie Curie in her laboratory and on the right, some of her notes.

Sentence example: Marie Curie’s handwritten thesis “Research on Radioactive Substances”, and other notebooks and research materials, are still kept in a lead-lined box as they are too radioactive to be touched.

Finally, let’s look at two examples of words with the suffix OSIS:

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Definition: a complete change or transformation from one state to another

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In the picture two diagrams show the development of two different eggs.

Sentence example: The first example on the left shows a complete metamorphosis, as the adult does not resemble the larva. The second example shows an incomplete metamorphosis as the adult still resembles the young nymph.

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Definition: the movement of water molecules through a cell membrane from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration

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The picture shows a student with her head in between a pile of books. On the right is a diagram of osmosis taking place in a glass beaker.

Sentence example: The student wished the transfer of knowledge could take place through osmosis!

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So remember, the suffix ASIS, ESIS, or OSIS mean

a course of ACTION

Examples in this module included:


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