After giving definitions of words related to exclamation the video goes on to explain 2 main ways in which exclamation marks are used.

With illustrated sentence examples, it becomes very clear when and how to use exclamation marks, especially with the help of explanatory notes.

Finally, 3 warnings or cautions are given regarding the use of exclamation marks and one grammar rule so your writing gives a professional image.

Here is a transcript of the video: How to Use an EXCLAMATION MARK! which answers the question: What Does an Exclamation Mark Mean?

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TO EXCLAIM means to express or cry out suddenly in surprise with strong emotion.

An EXCLAMATION is a forceful utterance or outcry expressing surprise, joy, disappointment or pain.

So an EXCLAMATION MARK ! is placed after a word or sentence to indicate emphasis and strong feeling.

There are two main instances where exclamation marks are used . . .

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1. At the end of a sentence containing an exclamation or strong, emotional statement.

Slide 4:
The chocolate cake was absolutely delicious!

Note: the emotion of intense pleasure is emphasized by putting an exclamation mark after the word ‘delicious’.

Slide 5:
The weather on the day of the wedding was truly awful!

Note: the emotion of extreme disappointment is emphasized by putting an exclamation mark after the word ‘awful’.

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2. After an interjection.
An interjection can be one or two words that appear at the beginning of a sentence to express strong emotion. It is not grammatically related to the rest of the sentence.

Slide 7:
“Oh no!” she cried out as she approached her front door. “I’ve forgotten my keys.”

Note: the exclamation mark after “Oh no” emphasizes shock and frustration.

Slide 8:
“Wow! What an amazing sunset” she said to herself as she walked along the promenade.

Note: the exclamation mark after “Wow” indicates the sunset was spectacular, impressive.

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  1. Avoid using exclamation marks in formal writing for business or academic purposes.
  2. Avoid overuse of exclamation marks as you see in this paragraph! Used too often, they negate their purpose by making too many words and sentences seem important!
  3. Avoid using multiple exclamation marks which can give a negative impression of the writer!!!!!
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Grammar Rule:
An exclamation mark replaces a period at the end of a sentence or a comma if used in the middle of a sentence.

The chocolate cake was absolutely delicious!.

The chocolate cake was absolutely delicious!

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