Definition of HONOUR – HONOUR in a Sentence

definition of honour - honour in a sentence

Definition of HONOUR – HONOUR in a Sentence

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#012: HONOUR (ON◦ur)

DEFINITION: to hold in high respect or esteem

The clipart shows a bride in a beautiful wedding dress with a black footprint on it.

STORY: STORY: The guest didn’t show any honour or respect to the bride when he accidentally stood on her wedding dress and didn’t even apologize.

HONOUR IN A SENTENCE: In Japanese culture, bowing shows honour to an older person.

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Other instances in the news of the use of HONOUR showing the definition of honour and honour in a sentence:

The Cape Wrath Fellowship was started by Rex Coley, a cycling journalist who wrote under the pseudonym “Ragged Staff’ – in honour of the crest of his native Warwickshire.
Source: The Guardian

In addition, he begged his uncle to arrange for an honourable reception from the people of Fermo, one that might bring honour not only to Giovanni but also to himself as his pupil.
Source: The Prince

Ireland has indicated that while it supports further sanctions, there could be legal issues over existing leasing contracts to Belavia, which would have to be honoured.
Source: BBC

“I considered it an honour to be able to continue to do that kind of leadership at a time where everybody was a little edgy about: ‘What’s going to happen to science now?’
Source: Scientific American

Apple became the world’s first trillion-dollar company on Thursday, as a rise in its share price saw it touch the landmark before its closest rival for the honour, retail giant Amazon.
Source: The Guardian

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