In this video we discuss the meaning of MUG, MUGGING and related words.

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Slide 1:  The Meaning of MUG | MUGGING

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In this video we will examine the meaning of:

  • MUG (verb)
  • MUG (noun – formal & informal)
  • MUGSHOT (informal)

The clipart shows a robber, a drinking mug, and a human face

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Let’s first examine the word MUG, the verb

To mug someone means to attack and rob someone in a public place

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In the picture we see someone hiding behind a wall.

Sentence example: If you are a suspicious person, you might think this man is waiting to mug someone.

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Next, MUGGER, the noun

Definition: a person who attacks and robs someone in a public place

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The picture shows a robber in a hood, crouching, waiting to attack someone.

Sentence example: The mugger was waiting for an innocent passerby.

Note: a passerby is a person who happens to be going past something on foot, walking

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Now, MUGGING. It’s a noun.

Definition: an act of attacking and robbing someone in a public place

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In the picture we see someone running in a housing estate.

Sentence example: In many poor inner-city areas, mugging is a major problem.

Slide 10:
Now let’s consider the word MUG. It’s a noun.

Definition: a large cup, usually cylindrical with a handle, used without a saucer

Slide 11:
The picture shows a mug of tea with the writing ‘Bon Appetit’ on the side.

Sentence example: Many people like to have mugs with slogans, brand names, or personalized messages.

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Next, we’ll look at MUG, the noun in informal English

Definition: the human face

Note: This meaning is possibly derived from a 17th century habit of decorating mugs with cartoonish human faces

The picture shows an old mug known as a Toby Jug.

Slide 13:
In the picture we see a caricature of political advisor, Steve Bannon.

Sentence example: This ugly mug of Steve Bannon, right wing political organizer, is an example of a caricature.

Definition of caricature: a picture that exaggerates a person’s features to produce a comic or grotesque effect

Slide 14:
Finally, the word MUGSHOT. Again, it’s a noun used in informal English.

Definition: a photograph of a person’s face made for official purposes, such as a police record

Slide 15:
The picture shows a profile photograph from a police record.

Sentence example: This is a mugshot of mobster Paul Everett who was arrested on charges of racketeering.

Definition of mobster: a member of an organized group of violent criminals; a gangster

Definition of racketeering: dishonest and fraudulent business dealings

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Let’s summarize . . .

to mug (v.): to attack and rob someone in a public place

mugger (n.): the person who does it

mugging: the act

mug (n.): a large cup used without a saucer

mug (n. informal): the human face

mugshot (n. informal): a photograph often for a police record

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