Definition of AMATEUR – AMATEUR in a Sentence

definition of amateur - amateur in a sentence

Definition of AMATEUR – AMATEUR in a Sentence

Learn the definition of AMATEUR and see AMATEUR in a sentence.

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a person who engages in an activity such as the arts, sports, or science, as an interest or hobby, rather than a profession

In the picture, we see a young Japanese woman holding a violin.

AMATEUR IN A SENTENCE: Although Kyoko is still an amateur violinist, she aspires to be a professional in the near future.

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Here are more examples of AMATEUR in a sentence taken from various news items:

He wanted to know what Nash — an amiable police inspector and amateur magician who patrolled San Francisco in an early ’70s bright yellow Plymouth Barracuda — would be like 20 years down the road.
Source: New York Times

There was a time when I could recite the top 100 highest grossing films without missing a beat, as well as offer amateur theories as to why certain movies succeeded or failed.
Source: Salon

His mother was an economics professor and amateur painter, while his father worked at car dealerships and General Motors warehouses, playing the saxophone and clarinet in jazz bands at night.
Source: Washington Post

These amateur investors are buoyed by savings built up over the coronavirus pandemic, two rounds of stimulus payments and near zero interest rates.
Source: Reuters

They are among the millions of amateur traders collectively taking on some of Wall Street’s most sophisticated investors — and, for the moment at least, winning.
Source: Seattle Times

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