When & How to Use a BULLETED LIST

When & How to Use a BULLETED LIST

This video simplifies grammar questions relating to the use of a BULLETED LIST by boiling it down to 2 main USES.

Illustrated examples are provided along with clipart images to make the meaning clear.

Improve your writing and make your written communication professional by learning how to use a FULL STOP or PERIOD correctly.

After seeing the video, look for opportunities today to use a BULLETED LIST in your writing and make it easier to read and understand.

Here is a transcript of the video: When & How to Use a BULLETED LIST

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  • draw attention to
  • convey information

Let’s look at an example.

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In the picture we see a graphic relating to goal setting and a bulleted list. It reads:
Goal setting includes the following steps:

  • Create intense desire
  • Write goals down
  • Anticipate and specify problems
  • Identify the resources needed
  • Create a plan
  • Follow the plan with determination

Notes: Use the same form of the word to begin each line, in this case an infinitive verb.

As the lines are not complete sentences, no full-stop is needed.

Introduce the list with a strong, clear sentence or phrase so the reader immediately understands what the list is about.

Let’s look at another example.

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The picture shows a bulleted list from a blog.

You can see that bulleted lists can include full information and complete sentences as in this example.

Notice how each bullet point begins with a subject highlighted in bold, followed by a colon, and then one or two sentences.

This format allows the reader to get the information quickly and makes browsing and scanning easy.

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So in summary, bulleted lists are very effective for blog posts, flyers, and breaking up long sections of text that might lose the interest of the reader.

They capture the attention of the reader and convey information easily and quickly.

Look for an opportunity to use them as soon as possible and improve your writing.

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