Learn How to Pronounce TURQUOISE Correctly!

Learn how to pronounce TURQUOISE correctly by understanding the syllables.

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The word TURQUOISE is a noun made up of 2 syllables.
Stress the 1st syllable.

It is pronounced:

Definition: Definition: 1) a greenish-blue colour; 2)a semi-precious stone
The clipart shows a circle with the colour turquoise

The picture shows a woman on a beach with a beautiful ocean behind her.

The sentence example reads: Many people associate a turquoise ocean with paradise!

Now you know how to say TURQUOISE, look for an opportunity to use the word in conversation as soon as possible to imprint it on the memory.

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Now you know how to say TURQUOISE, remember to use it the next time you need to describe a beautiful greenish-blue colour, or a semi-precious stone with this colour.

Examples of TURQUOISE from news items:

There was also a feeling in France that Tahiti would look very good for TV viewers with its turquoise waves.
Source: The Guardian

Within minutes, the grid of mostly brown squares turned turquoise, accompanied by a click signaling success.
Source: Washtington Post

Maybe Venus, maybe Saturn’s moon Titan, maybe the distant, faceless turquoise orb of Uranus — just not Mars, anywhere but Mars, where we’ve been driving wheeled robots for nearly two decades.
Source: New York Times

In the turquoise waters of the Red Sea, Israeli, Emirati and Bahraini naval forces for the first time just days ago rehearsed joint security operations with a US warship.
Source: BBC

Since Ms. Lange bought and renovated the place, bulbous turquoise chandeliers dangle from the ceiling, blue leopard wallpaper lines the entryway, and painted wicker chairs and gold flamingos abound.
Source: New York Times

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