Definition of SKEPTICAL – SKEPTICAL in a Sentence

Definition of SKEPTICAL - SKEPTICAL in a Sentence

Definition of SKEPTICAL – SKEPTICAL in a Sentence

Learn the definition of SKEPTICAL and see SKEPTICAL in a sentence.

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(SKEPTICAL – American spelling)
questioning, having doubts, unsure

In the picture, we see an elderly woman looking over the top of her glasses.

SKEPTICAL IN A SENTENCE: She was told she would love the exhibition, but after reading the program she looked very sceptical.

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Here are more examples of SKEPTICAL in a sentence taken from various news items:

Based on the mixed results of the first year of Biden’s environmental justice agenda, many environmental justice advocates are skeptical that the administration can deliver on its ambitious promises.
Source: Seattle Times

While progressives are criticizing President Biden more and more, from issues like Build Back Better to climate change, some are skeptical that any primary challenger would be successful.
Source: Fox News

Myers, who was not involved with the work and whose research focuses on the effects of reproductive policies, says she was initially a bit skeptical about the study’s design.
Source: Scientific American

Over his 18 years at the network, executives had repeatedly hailed Wallace’s nonpartisan credentials as a tough, skeptical questioner as proof of Fox’s commitment to news.
Source: Washington Post

Investors aren’t exactly motivated to expose wrongdoing, as it can tank their investment After Theranos, the tenor of Silicon Valley coverage changed, becoming more skeptical.
Source: The Verge

The shift comes as officials in the United States and China alike take an increasingly skeptical view of the access that Chinese companies have long enjoyed to Wall Street and its money.
Source: New York Times

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