Why Learn ROOT WORDS? ROOT WORD Examples

Why Learn ROOT WORDS? ROOT WORD Examples


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One of the quickest and easiest ways to increase your word power is to recognize and understand the building blocks of words.

Once you recognize the building blocks, the root words, you will have the keys to understanding hundreds of words, many of which may even be unfamiliar to you.

But isn’t learning root words boring and laborious?

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But first, a quick reminder:

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You can make it interesting through the chunking and illustrated sentence example method.

Learn a root word, then examine 5 or 6 words containing that root, each with an illustrated sentence example.

This way you learn words in chunks, and they stay in your memory.

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To make it easy, I have a playlist on this channel dedicated to root words.

See the link below in the description.

Root word examples:

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The root word is chron which comes from

the Greek word chronos meaning TIME.

So here are some words with that word root

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meaning continuing for a long time

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Then an illustrated sentence example – He

suffered with chronic back pain.

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Another word CHRONICLE – a record of events in order of time and

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here’s a sentence example from The San Francisco Chronicle newspaper.

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then CHRONOLOGY or CHRONOLOGICAL – the signs of recording events by period or date

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and the example here is of a crazy wall that police investigators use putting events in chronological order.

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then CHRONOMANCY – divination of the best

time to do something the determination

of lucky and unlucky days

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The illustrated sentence example shows Nancy Reagan who often consulted astrologers and use chronomancy.

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and then SYNCHRONIZE – caused to occur at the same time or rate

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In the example we see a television program that is not synchronized with audio and picture.

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So you see by using illustrated sentence examples and these words with the root

word chron you chunk words together:

chronic, chronicle, chronology or chronological, chronomancy, synchronize.

Now with that group in mind you will remember them much more easily and look for more words with that root word chron.

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