Words With the Suffix CULE | ICLE | LING

Words With the Suffix CULE | ICLE | LING

This video explains the meaning of suffix CULE, ICLE and LING. Words that end with CULE, ICLE and LING have the same basic meaning, namely, something small.

Six illustrated sentence examples are provided which show the relationship between something small and the main subject. Pictures help memory so by taking a moment to look at the photograph before reading the sentence example will help you remember these words that end in CULE, ICLE and LING.

To improve your English, always look for connections and associations between words. Although 6 word examples are given, see how many other words you can think of that end with the suffixes CULE, ICLE and LING.

Here is a transcript of the video “Words with the Suffix CULE, ICLE and LING ”

Slide 2:
The suffixes CULE | ICLE | LING all mean something very small, in size or importance.

Consider these examples:


Slide 3:

Definition: to mock, to make fun of, small mocking laughter

Slide 4:
Sentence example: Robert Goddard, who fired the first liquid-propelled rocket n 1926, was ridiculed when he said that rocket technology could be used to fly to the Moon. This earned him the nickname “Mooney Goddard”.

Slide 5:

Definition: a small particle, the smallest unit of a chemical compound

Slide 6:
Sentence example: A water molecule (chemical formula H2O), contains one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms.

Slide 7:

Definition: an item, a small thing, a piece of writing

Slide 8:
Sentence example: This magazine article about memory really caught his eye.

Slide 9:

Definition: a small secretory cavity or gland in the body

Slide 10:
Sentence example: Male pattern baldness is a condition that affects the growth cycle of hair follicles in the scalp.

Slide 11:

Definition: a baby duck

Slide 12:
Sentence example: Here we see a duckling trying to catch up with its mother.

Slide 13:

Definition: a person of lower rank or status, a subordinate

Slide 14:
Sentence example: Here we see North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, surrounded by his underlings, all busily taking notes.

Slide 15:
So when you see words with the suffixes


look for a connection with something small, either in size or importance.

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